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A simple method to fall asleep

Although fall asleep or overcoming anxiety may never be a simile as 1-2-3, but some experts think a new set of numbers 4-7-8 gets much closer to working. A professor at University of Southern California, explained the 4-7-8 approach to help with anxiety.

It entails inhaling for four counts, holding the breath for seven counts and then expelling for eight counts. 4-7-8 also referred to as the relaxing breath, has some ancient roots in Pranayama, a very prominent yogic discipline of controlling breath, but was made well-known by integrative medicine expert Dr. Andrew Weil in 2015.

People who have trouble fall asleep because their minds are constantly racing. However, exercises like that of 4-7-8 method allow you to practice being at peace. And that’s precisely what we must accomplish before going to bed. This method doesn’t put to sleep but it could lessen the anxiety to make it easier to nod off.

Although, there is no special equipment or environment needed for the 4-7-8 approach, it is advised to sit with your back straight when learning the exercise. Experts suggests that 4-7-8 approach should be practiced in a serene, quiet environment. Once you understand this method, it can be applied while laying in bed. The person practicing this technique exhales through their mouth around the tongue the entire time, so position the tip of your tongue against the tissue ridge behind your upper front teeth

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