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Abbot’s G7 Software Considered as the Best in Class Device

Kevin Sayer, CEO at Dexcom, has increased the expectation related to G7 by stating the investors in a conference call about the Software performance and application, saying that it is expected to be spectacular and has set an actual standard.Further, the presentation held at the 14th International Conference on the Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes gave an idea beforehand regarding whether the G7 will live up to the expectations that Sayer sets.

As per the trusted sources, the database is generated from about 91 individuals carrying out small studies, not from the trial designed to support the US approval for the Software.G7 has received the mean absolute relative difference (MARD) of around 8.7% as per the trusted data. As per the analysis given by the analysts at Evercore ISI, after comparing all the results and reports containing data on Abbott’s Libre and Medtronic’s Zeus, and appreciated their peers at the SVB Leerink.

The analyst at SVB Leerink further stated in a note to its investors that as the G7 is 60% smaller than the other options and has several benefits for the patients, such as easier to use for the patients and all-in-one capacity sensor applicator and transmitter.Further, he added that it is cheaper to the manufacturer and has the same features as the best-in-class device currently being used to help DXCM and maintain a best-in-class post in the industry.

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