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Active Biotech Updates about Clinical Naptumomab Project

Active Biotech planned to report data from the ongoing clinical phase Ib/II study of naptumomab in conjunction with checkpoint inhibition in patients with advanced solid tumors in the first half of this year, as previously announced. In addition, the research was changed to include an assessment of obinutuzumab pre-treatment to see how it affected anti-drug antibodies (ADAs) to naptumomab.

The study is still accepting participants, and we will provide an update once the results are ready. Preparations are also underway to start the previously announced phase IIa research in patients with non-small cell lung cancer in conjunction with docetaxel. Helén Tuvesson, CEO of Active, said, “We are very pleased with the commitment to the project that NeoTX is deploying for the naptumomab program, and we look forward to update you as the project progresses.”

Active Biotech AB (publ) is a biotechnology business focused on developing first-in-class immunomodulatory therapies for specialty cancer and immunology areas with a high unmet medical need and significant economic potential. Following a portfolio refocus, Active Biotech business approach intends to bring concepts to the clinical development stage, where they will be further developed internally or in partnership.

Active Biotech is currently working on three projects: Naptumomab targeted anti-cancer immunotherapy developed in collaboration with NeoTX Therapeutics is now being tested in patients with advanced solid tumors in a phase 1b/2 clinical trial. In addition, Tasquinimod and laquinimod are small-molecule immunomodulators that target hematological malignancies and inflammatory eye illnesses, respectively. They have a method of action that includes modulation of myeloid immune cell function.

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