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Amazon Launched HealthLake for Healthcare Org.

Amazon, announced on Thursday, July 15, the general availability of its HealthLake service, a HIPPA-approved service for the healthcare providers, and life sciences organizations to facilitating the ingestion, storage, query analysis as well as analysing health data.

HealthLake witnessed its initial launch during preview last December. The preview was a part of presentation conducted at Amazon re:Invent conference. The new innovative service leverages machine learning as its core operational technology in extracting medical information from an unstructured pattern of data and enabling the organization, indexing, and storage of information in a chronological order.

Healthcare, and life sciences organizations are extensively seeking advanced technologies for instance, cloud and big data analytics. As suggested by a recent survey, 95% of the executives in the industry have related the current trends associated with automation, cybersecurity, and hybrid cloud on the patient care systems to be embraced in future.

HealthLake service, is a part of Amazon AWS which is known as the Amazon Web Services focused on enhancing the company’s health portfolio. The service enables the movement of health data from an on-premises establishment to a data lake composed in the AWS cloud. According to Amazon, HealthLake utilizes specifically tuned machine learning models to understand, and reveal the target medical terminology thereby identifying, and tagging clinical information. Followed by this, the service will enrich the data with the help of standardized labels for medications, conditions, diagnoses, and other activities.HealthLake also offers indexing, and streamlining patient visits into a single timeline allowing the professional to apply analytical procedures as well as machine learning on top.

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