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Analysis Shows Pfizer Vaccine Will Dominate Covid-Pill Market Next Year

Pfizer.Inc is set to reach nearly $20 billion by 2022 for Covid-Pill as nations across the world mostly the richer nations are rushing to buy the Pfizer’s Covid-Pill. Pfizer is already pulling enough revenue from the covid-19 vaccines. The market value of Pfizer is set to boost sporadically as US health advisory CDC has recommended that Americans should be given Pfizer or Moderna vaccine shots over Johnson & Johnson vaccine shot.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine shot is said to have negative implications like blood clots. The blood clots in patients occurred after administering the J&J shots caused 9 confirmed deaths in US whereas the vaccines of Pfizer and Moderna do not come with that risk and are more effective. Huge studies have found that Pfizer vaccines offer strong protection against the covid-19 virus and the variants that emerged later like Delta and others.

Now, Pfizer is expected to reap about $17 billion from sales of Paxlovid the CDC approved Covid-Pill. According to data analysis, the Covid-Pill of Merck & Co., molnupiravir is expected to reap $2.5 billion revenue in 2022.

The demand for covid-19 vaccines and Covid-Pill is projected to outpace supply as the new Omicron and Delta variants of covid-19 are spreading sporadically across the globe requiring vaccines or pills for protecting people against the deadly virus. Richer countries are rushing to purchase the vaccines and pills but there are concerns that the less wealthy could be left behind.

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