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Asensus Senhance could Change Nature of Surgeries 

The pandemic added to the complications of even the most basic surgical procedures. So, the intricate surgeries experienced amplified challenges. Health priorities have also shifted significantly, with emergency surgery gaining the topmost rank. The nature of surgeries is being re-modified to restrict exposure of medical professionals to infections.

National Institute of Health suggests that Asensus’ Sehance can be very effective. Senhance offers four robotic arms that are capable of reducing the risk of contracting coronavirus infection. Adoption of Senhance can substantially avoid transmission of the disease to medical professions. This is accomplished by eliminating any additional workers in the surgical rooms.

It only needs one operating surgeon accompanied by a nurse with no need to helping hands. Even though the Senhance robotic platform features advanced technology systems and better risk management, the company sales have been oddly disappointing. Share prices of Asensus have been shooting downwards. Analysts are more determined to notice the revenue losses while the investors focus on the deteriorating sales.

The revenue sales are often impacted as medical devices manufacturer expands the business globally. The pandemic hitting every single region worldwide, the revenue was undoubtedly going to have to bear the brunt. Senhance is a part of very competitive market space. With increasing technological awareness, and development competitors are scaling up the adoption of AI and Robotics. Asensus has acquired a stronghold with its product superiority even with its previously launched products. For instance, Asensus’ ISU was acknowledged by the Best Overall Medical Device Product award.

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