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Avenue to get support from IntElect for Medical Device Development

Avenue, a Nolato Company, has received a 75-tonne IntElect all-electric injection molding machine, which it describes as “the ideal machine for medical start-up projects” at its Sligo, Ireland, location. The investment would help the company’s healthcare segment expand by providing dedicated capacity to mold precision parts throughout product development.

Gerard Henn, the General Manager of the Ireland-based-Avenue operation, said, “A lot of our medical device projects start with a development phase, when we need to produce a single- or two-cavity tool before scaling up.” The IntElect has a beautiful, compact footprint – it’s not too long or wide; it contains various process control capabilities and all the connectors needed to link with other pieces of supporting equipment.

Avenue has grown to become a valued partner for top medical device and drug delivery OEMs and contract manufacturers in Ireland and mainland Europe since its founding in 1988. Avenue specializes in designing, manufacturing, and validating high precision multi-cavity injection molds and contract injection molding for the medical device and pharmaceutical sectors and ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified.

Avenue agreed in recent years that any new presses should be all-electric because of the energy economy, consistency, and low noise advantages that electric presses offer over hydraulic presses. In addition, Avenue developed a new 100 sqm ISO Class 8 cleanroom area at its Sligo site in summer 2019 to increase demand for its medical device injection molding and tool-building services. This expansion required more molding tools to produce components for medical device assemblies such as vials, test trays, Luer lock fitments, connectors, and shell housing moldings and mating components.

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