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BIO DIGITAL Expecting Participation from Predictive Oncology Inc.

Predictive Oncology, Inc., Minnesota, United States announced on June 02, 2021, that three subsidiaries wholly owned by Predictive Oncology would be attending BIO DIGITAL. These subsidiaries will include Helomics, TumorGenesis, and Soluble Biotech, all of which will be seen attending the BIO DIGITAL event, which would last from June 10 to 11 and June 14 to 18.BIO DIGITAL has been flagged as the world’s most extensive partnering experience specific to biotech companies and firms, which will be held virtually.

The three subsidiaries allocated by Predictive Oncology, Inc., will be participating in the USA Biotechnology Innovation (BIO) Conference scheduled June 14-18, 2021. The digitally-enabled international conference has been successful in appealing to approximately 2,600 biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Government firms and academic institutions are also a part of it.

BIO DIGITAL will be sponsoring presentations by the world’s top scientists. Additionally, the company provides individually focused bio partnering sessions for companies. This process will enable companies to put forth their technologies with the sole purpose of attracting purposeful collaborations or offer pharmaceutical services to the interested customer candidates.

Melville Engle, the CEO of Predictive Oncology Inc., is hopeful that this partnership would help Helomics division to focus on the one-on-one partnering sessions and benefit PeDAL™ (Patient-centric Drug Discovery using Active Learning) application. Engle also shared the TumorGenesis subsidiary to be indulged in offering products and services centering cancer cell culture from ovarian and breast cancer mimicking patient’s tumor with higher accuracy.

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