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Biometric Tools Encourages Cost-Effective Healthcare

The IoT market research, and consulting organization Park Associates, recently hosted a virtual session discussing the concept of personalization associated with connected health devices followed after the company shares its Q2 2021 survey which reflected that 55% of broadband households posses a Biometric health or fitness device.

A vast spreading awareness regarding telehealth has parallelly propelled the connected health devices market. Market analysis indicates a directly proportional symbiotic connection between the familiarity with telehealth, and the customer demand for experiencing the benefits of connected health in terms of remote diagnostics as well as remote monitoring, according to Kristen Hanich, Sr. Analyst, Park Associates. The virtual session led by Park Associates was a part of the eight annual Connected Health Summit with a tagline of Consumer Engagement, and Innovation primarily evaluating the impact of connected devices coupled with the IoT healthcare solutions on consumers utilizing services at home.

Realizing patient vulnerability when designing a technology that connects all component factors to enhance the health outcome is a critical factor, mentioned John Showalter, Chief Product Officer, JVION, a leading healthcare AI company. Multiple corporations are understanding the impact of Biometric medical wearables in elevating productivity, performance, and efficiency.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence based algorithms facilitating remote collection of data, clinicians, and health professionals now have the added advantage of improved predictions associated wit diseases diagnosis and detection even before it occurs ultimately saving major healthcare costs in future, as suggested by Jaydev Thakkar, COO of Biofourmics.

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