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 Cannabics Pharmaceuticals New Board Member

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc., an international leader developing cancer-related cannabinoid-based drugs, headquartered in Maryland, United States, announced on Wednesday, July 07, that it had welcomed Dr. Inbar Maymon-Pomeranchik company’s Board of directors table as an Independent Director.

Dr. Maymon-Pomeranchik is a highly trained professional with expertise in molecular and genetic research. He holds a Ph.D. from Hebrew University and has approximately 20 years of executive-level experience in biotechnology sciences with particular professional expertise in the global medical cannabis industry. Dr. Maymon-Pomeranchik serves as a board member for multiple public firms and companies.

The co-founder and CEO Eyal Barad mentioned that, as the newly appointed independent director, Inbar is anticipated to add significant strength and value to Cannabis Pharmaceuticals owing to the profound experience in the medical cannabis industry with executive experience in handling leadership responsibilities. Her in-depth scientific knowledge, particularly across a technical analysis of innovative technologies, is a good factor. To this, Dr. Inbar commented that the opportunity inviting her to the Board of Directors at Pharmaceuticals is appealing.She also stated that Cannabis Pharmaceutical is worldwide famous as the leader in developing anti-cancer drugs based on cannabinoid molecular science.

She is particularly thrilled with its plans to seek FDA approval for its expanding pipeline of promising drug candidates.The technology-driven drug development company has its R&D facility set up in Israel. The Cannabics Pharmaceutical facility in Israel is licensed by the Ministry of Health, permitting them to conduct science and clinical research on Cannabics formulations.

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