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COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy can be measured through Digital Health Devices

As the rate of COVID-19 immunization has slowed, decision-makers objectives have shifted from dealing with a flood of inquiries to reaching out to those who may be hesitant to get vaccinated. There are various reasons for this apprehension, including mistrust in a medical system that has historically failed vulnerable groups, particularly people of color; cost or long-term repercussions; a lack of awareness of eligibility; and continued barriers to access.

Through education and good patient-provider experiences, the increasing attention and momentum surrounding the COVID-19 immunization campaign can address the culture of vaccination and growing vaccine reluctance. Responding to vaccine apprehension necessitates a multifaceted, well-thought-out strategy. There will be no one-size-fits-all solution.

However, some experts and entrepreneurs believe that health IT can play an essential part in the process. Access and hesitation can both be improved with the use of digital health solutions. Admission is determined by factors such as whether people can take time off work to get the shot, whether they will have time to recuperate if the vaccination has adverse side effects, and whether they can travel to the location. In terms of accessibility, optimizing the ‘user experience,’ from first vaccine information to vaccination itself, is crucial.

Patients can benefit from intuitive user interfaces, numerous languages, and more precise wording, which can help them plan when and where they can get vaccinated. “One of the advantages of digital tools is also spreading information rapidly and accurately – helping bubble up better and more accurate information to help influence decision-making will be crucial,” she says. Many of these issues can be addressed with population health engagement technology, according to Dr. Gary Call, HMS’s chief medical officer.

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