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Cybersecurity Firm Enlightens Customer Concerns for Telehealth

According to a survey issued this week by the Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky, the majority of healthcare providers have already adopted telehealth capabilities, with many claiming that their patients prefer virtual meetings due to their convenience. At the same time, several respondents raised issues about patient trust in the modality, with more than half of frontline remote telehealth providers reporting cases where patients denied a video contact with medical professionals due to worries about privacy or data security.

Many healthcare specialists believe that telehealth solutions will have a long future, but that this will only be possible if the solution’s data security is improved globally. With the spotlight shining on the consequences of Cybersecurity vulnerabilities for healthcare providers, it’s understandable that people would be concerned. In addition to the 52 percent of clinicians who stated their patients refused video-based care because of their concerns, 81 percent of respondents said they were afraid of remote telehealth sessions.

These include worries regarding how patient data from these meetings will be utilised and shared, as well as data security and any personal penalties that may result from a data leakage from a remote consultation. According to the report, roughly one-third of respondents stated their business had suffered Cybersecurity concerns owing to third-party technology vulnerabilities, based on the findings of 389 interviews with sole or joint decision-makers.

Worryingly, only three out of ten respondents claimed they were “extremely confident” in their organization’s capacity to properly prevent all perimeter breaches. A significantly greater percentage indicated their firms had acceptable hardware and software IT security protection, and 38% said their company had the required procedures in place to use telehealth responsibly. Some of the data was encouraging: 70% of respondents indicated their company provided specialised security awareness training for all employees who work with technology.

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