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CynergisTek Expands Eight Figure Contract to Protect Medical Devices

The US based firm CynergisTek has announced its expansion contract that will deploy medical devices and operations team to assess the multi-site health system. The company will develop policies and procedures that will address the security issues in medical devices of the medical organizations. It will provide security assessment and program that will protect patient and medical data and ensure privacy.

The proliferation of IoT has led to increased adoption of interconnected medical devices. The new medical devices and legacy devices are increasingly used in Healthcare Delivery organizations for enhancing connectivity and other healthcare operations in medical organizations.

However, at the same time these connected medical devices pose security risks to patient data and privacy due to insecure networks, old software, poor configurations, and locations. Negligence for the device may disrupt the medical operations as well as patient care leading to millions of revenue loss. Thus, CynergisTek has taken a step forward to ensure the medical devices are safe and develop policies and procedures to address the security challenges.

CynergisTek will deploy medical device team that will assess the effectiveness of their program for efficient risk management. The medical device security team will design policies and procedures which will enable review of security, find issues, address security risks and update vulnerabilities.The analysis done by CynergisTek will medical organizations address security risks. CynergisTek has team of both cybersecurity and clinical engineering experts that will help medical organization identify and address security risks in unique way and ensure patient safety and privacy.

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