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Douglas County Officials Prepare for Vaccine Booster Shot

Officials from Douglas County Health Department are awaiting word from federal medical experts. Officials anticipate that the majority of the country’s population will soon be eligible for COVID-related benefits. Eight months have been fully vaccinated after receiving 19 vaccination boosters. However, persons who have already been vaccinated but are still at risk of infection are eligible for the booster dose.

Sarah Bouckaert said, “This means they could have had an organ transplant and they’re receiving immunosuppressant therapies or medications to kind of weaken their immune systems, if you’re currently treating any active cancers or like blood cancers and just in general if you have conditions that make your body immunosuppressant.” Kubat’s Pharmacy pharmacists have previously given several vaccinations to immunocompromised individuals.

You should consult your doctor to ensure that you are qualified for the booster. Before you can obtain the extra shot, you’ll need to fill out some papers. Booster injections are now only available to the immunocompromised, but the Biden administration is anticipated to approve them for the general population soon. Although the strategy is still in the works, officials expect that the senior population, who were among the first to receive the vaccination, will be among the first to receive the booster dose.

Rudy Tesar was one of the first people to be vaccinated. He says he’ll take the booster without hesitation. Whenever officials determine it’s safe for the general public to get the booster injection, pharmacies are hoping to play a big role in getting those shots out. You can go right in, speak with a pharmacist or intern, and get vaccinated the same day before leaving. It’s entirely safe, and for the patient, it’s a lot faster and more efficient. Douglas County officials say they’re waiting for emergency use authorization before giving booster shots to those who had the Moderna and Pfizer vaccinations.

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