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Dr. Henri Nico Doods has been named Chief Executive Officer of Hope Medicine Inc

Dr. Henri Nico Doods, the firm’s previous President and Head of R&D, will take over as CEO of Hope Medicine Inc., a clinical-stage revolutionary pharma company. He will develop and implement the firm’s strategic goals, guiding the company toward a science-driven, first-in-class focused worldwide biopharmaceutical R&D group by ensuring the achievement of the next clinical milestones.

The former Boehringer Ingelheim Research Beyond Borders Discovery Research Department’s Senior Vice President and Global Head, Dr. Doods, served as the former HopeMed’s Senior Vice President and Global Head. Having worked in pharmaceutical research and development for more than 30 years, Dr. Doods has authored more than 135 papers and contributed to the invention of more than 15 compounds.

Founder and CEO of HopeMed Professor Rui-Ping Xiao remarked, “Henri has an exceptional record in pharmaceutical research and development.” And what’s more, Henri has great company growth and management skills. His faith in the firm and in me as the creator of Hope Medicine is deeply appreciated, and I’m honored to be able to undertake such an important responsibility. To be sure, Henri’s nomination as CEO is a significant step forward for Henri Bendel, as it signals that the firm has achieved a new strategic level at the top level.”

“As CEO of HopeMed, Dr. Doods deserves our sincere congratulation. While I’m excited and pleased to be working with the firm, I’m also grateful. As a result of Henri’s hiring, HopeMed’s leadership has been reinforced, and a new environment will be introduced to the rapidly expanding staff as well.” HopeMed’s co-founder, president, and chief operating officer, Sam Lou, agreed.

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