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Eating during day improves mental health

Studies claim that eating during the day can help in improving mental health. Studies claims that food you eat during day time has a prominent effect on your mental health. This can help with your symptoms of stress, anxiety and even depression. The study conducted by the founders of Brigham and Women’s Hospital includes the observation of daytime effects to be tested and also analysing the difference between the effects of day time eating and effects of the night time eating.

After the research, it was found that the people had increased depression symptoms and anxiety who ate at night. Whereas, people who were kept in the daytime group did not saw increase in these symptoms. The study hence suggested that the timings of having the meal boosted their mood and they were less vulnerable to less mental health.

The findings of this study laid out the evidence that the timing was the main factor for the vulnerability of the mood of an individual, especially those who works in shifts or are experiencing jet lags. This study suggests that people who work in shifts experience disarrangement between their day-to-day behaviours and their central circadian clock in their brain. Also, they are about 30-40% more vulnerable to experience such mood vulnerability.

Chellappa, now a Department in Nuclear Medicine, Germany, also conducted its study regarding the same and found that timing is the most crucial factor affecting the mood during the day and eating during daytime helps in the symptoms of anxiety, depression and improves the overall mental health.

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