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FDA’s Security Director Warns for Ransomware Attacks

As per the trusted sources, the Current director for medical security at the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health, Kevin Fu gave a warning in the previous month regarding the cyber threats to the healthcare and medtech industries.

These risks include Ransomware and other types of malware that are having an increased risk on the online platforms and putting the patient’s safety at major risk.Kevin further stated in the Food & Drug Law Institute annual conference in May that everything can be hacked.

He further added that the medical devices that are infected by some could not perform well the critical clinical functions that they are expected to carry on, which holds the risk of harming the patients.As per the report by Moody’s Investors Service in the previous month, the risk of Ransomware Attacks is likely to continue, especially among large companies in the healthcare sector. The report further added that these Attacks are likely to even cause deaths of the patients as they happened once in a hospital in Europe.

As a response to NIST’s call for position papers on improving the supply chain of software security, the FDA gave a reference to the cyber Attacks in 2021, along with the Ransomware attack, which disabled an Irish healthcare service and ceased the functioning of the hospital for weeks.FDA came to a conclusion that the rising commonness among the Attacks on the medical institutes sheds light on the ungraceful failure of the firewall and safety consequences for not separating.

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