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Flow Robotics Introduces Automated Pipetting to the U.S

Flow Robotics is originally a Denmark-based medical robot producer. The company announced on September 2 of its subsidiary establishment in North America, Flow Robotics, Inc. the subsidiary will operate in Princeton, NJ, under the leading automated robot designer of Denmark.

Flow Robotics‘ very first product that came into the market was flowbot®ONE, an automated robotic system for handling liquid responsibilities. The product is particularly designed to transform the tasks associated with liquid handling responsibilities. For instance, the product replaces conventional methods of performing liquid handing in a lab with automated manual pipetting tasks.

The automated robotic system will be displayed for the very first time in the U.S. at the SLAS 2021 symposium to be held from September 9-10 in California.The flowbot®ONE is introduced by Flow Robotics at a crucial time in the laboratory industry. The industry has been struggling for decades with burnout, extremely high workloads, which technology has not changed. In addition, thanks to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, physical conditions have become an added struggle for the laboratory industry.

According to Flow Robotics, approximately half of the technicians follow the same arm movements for at least one-fourth of their working day. Liquid handling tasks in any laboratory largely rely on manual pipetting, which implies long hours of repetitive work in a fixed position. Lab technicians often experience discomfort due to strain in the shoulders, hands, and arms. flowbot®ONE, therefore, is seen as a potential product to eliminate the unnecessary complications of laboratory tasks.

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