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Focus Vitamins Introduces New Line of Supplements

Focus Vitamins is a nutraceutical brand that manufactures products in the United States. The brand falls under the umbrella of physician-managed Covalent Medical, LLC. Focus has announced that the company is introducing a new product line offering over-the-counter (OTC) supplements.Focus is popularly acknowledged for its expertise in the ophthalmology space. The brand is not branching out expanding its product portfolio with Vitamins D-3, C, Mult gummies, and Elderberry. The new line of OTC supplements will be immunity-focused thus adding newness to the brand.

Launching the new product line has been an exciting journey for Focus Vitamins in extend the brand’s commitment to enhance overall health, commented Clint Worley, Chief Operating Officer. Worley added that the new line up adheres to the brand’s core values associated with the safety, quality and convenience thus ensuring alignment with the customer-centric mission.

As the Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus infiltrates the nation leading to a frenzy environment across the United States, immunity, and health have become paramount. As a nutraceutical brand, Focus Vitamins is indulging in striving to support the immune system and boast health for people. Consumers have grown more aware of general health status in the last two years.

The product line of OTC supplements provided by Focus Vitamins consists of all the necessary nutrients to maintain a strong immune system. the brand is proud of its power-packed package that offers a wholesome nutritional choice for consumers through the fast-paced lifestyle.

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