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Getinge has acquired Talis Clinical LLC a leading Innovator of High Acuity Cloud-based Software Solutions

Getinge has acquired a 100 percent ownership stake in Talis Clinical LLC, a prominent provider of High Acuity cloud-based software solutions located in the United States. Talis Clinical’s solution is intended to assist and document care not only throughout the general and cardiac perioperative care processes but also during labor and delivery events and critical care support, such as ECMO therapy.

“Connecting life-saving medical devices to other data sources and giving the relevant data to the right physician is critical in enabling better patient outcomes and reduced treatment costs,” says Jens Viebke, President of Getinge Acute Care Therapies. “Talis Clinical achieves this by combining cutting-edge technology with a thorough grasp of real-world demands in high-acquity situations, and it will be a significant component of Getinge digital strategy moving ahead.”

Talis Clinical was established in 2013 with the goal of improving patient care while also benefiting physicians and healthcare organizations. The company’s solutions are built on the Advanced Clinical Guidance (ACG-Engine) platform, which is both unique and complex. The ACG-Engine has high-value functions for process optimization and oversight, as well as interfaces to a variety of Patient Data Management Systems and Point-of-Care Devices.

The worldwide addressable market is predicted to be worth more than SEK 50 billion, with the United States accounting for half of that. Talis Clinical now employs 57 people, with net sales of SEK 40 million expected in 2021. The company will be categorized under the Acute Care Therapies business category and is based in Streetsboro, Ohio.

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