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Glyphic Biotechnologies Raises $6 Million to Increase Protein

Glyphic Biotechnologies accelerates the crucial but time-consuming sequencing stage, possibly reducing medication development timeframes by a significant amount, and the business recently acquired $6 million in seed funding to bring its innovative approach to market.

Proteins are at the heart of many novel therapies and goods; amino acid chains twist into shapes that interact with cells, body components, and other proteins, performing tasks ranging from DNA interpretation to limiting access to secure places. Proteins have limitless potential in the drug development and biotech worlds; the proper one might cling to cancer cells, aid natural healing processes, or trigger the creation of beneficial compounds.

Finding and testing novel molecules is difficult, and sequencing, which establishes the exact makeup of the protein you’re examining, is a key part of that. Several significant organisations are currently doing well in the protein discovery field, and the method normally entails finding the amino acid at the end of the protein chain, snipping it off, identifying the next one, and so on until you’ve completed the process.

The problem with this method is that the shape of the protein or the molecular characteristics of the next amino acid in line can obstruct the process of attaching to and recognising the last one. As a result, the method has some inherent ambiguity and unreliability.

Glyphic Biotechnologies adds a phase in which the target amino acid is first removed and then anchored nearby with an unique molecule called ClickP invented by one of the co-founders. It’s far easier to recognise a single individual amino acid connected to a known molecule, and once it’s done, the process repeats itself.

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