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Google Sets Up Medical Personalized App For Skin Care

The company has launched a more personalized application outside the United States for skincare. Billions of users try to figure out via Google search box about their skin conditions. Now, Google is all set to launch an expert and personalized application. The application is designed by using image recognition algorithms to provide expert and personalized recommendations.

A recent presentation showed that based on image reading, it is possible to understand several skin conditions. The machines have expert dermatologists in which algorithms and doctors examine the images based on historical preferences. However, no AI image analysis tools have yet been approved for the use of dermatologists.

According to Stanford dermatologist, Roxana Daneshjou many AI image analysis tools do not work in the real world setting.The new application developed by Google is not yet clinically validated. The skin service market is yet tiny and far from being commercially successful in the U.S market. The service is not yet authorized for use in the U.S. Thus; it cannot analyze the skin conditions of the Americans any time soon.

At the developer conference held a few days ago, Karen DeSalvo, the chief health officer at Google, said Google is launching the dermatology assist application in the European Union by the end of the year.The company said it is willing to provide the service in the U.S but didn’t highlight the timeline of when it will cross the Atlantic. The high officials of the U.S declined to talk whether it had some talks with the FDA about the app.

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