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Gyms are open but nothing is the same

The Gyms are open in many countries after lockdown. The Pilates studio in Houston requires a mask and various family-run Gyms do not require masks. Many American Gyms are reopening but there are lots of changes. Some people won’t exercise with a mask, others will only frequent a with a mask mandate. Few purchased pricey fitness machines for their homes and have spent months taking virtual classes. The fitness center chain has nearly 150 Gyms  U.S. locations offer a $15 monthly digital membership, where people can work out to streaming classes.

According to the Government of Alberta, low-intensity individual and group exercises are allowed to resume without a trainer. In Step 1 these activities could only be done on a one-on-on, booking-only basis. The types of workouts are low in cardio and include examples such as barre, pilates, stretching, tai-chi, low-intensity yoga, light weightlifting, indoor rock climbing.

There will be in-studio rules that need to be followed such as three-meters between everyone, no walk-in services, and mask-wearing for trainers.Many jobs in the US health clubs have disappeared last year. This is more than half of the industry revenue. Many independent Gyms and studios have closed. Fitness chains like 24 Hour Fitness Worldwide Inc. and Gold’s International Inc., filed for bankruptcy protection and reorganized or closed.

John Foley, Peloton co-founder, and chief executive said that in the US 5 million treadmills were sold in a year. So workout from home is not something new. Demand has been so high for Peloton exercise bikes and treadmills that customers have waited weeks for the delivery of the product.

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