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Health IT will see a Transformative Year for 2022

Micky Tripathi, the National Coordinator for Health IT, predicts that 2022 will usher in the regulatory and technical infrastructure required for nationwide data sharing, making it a watershed year. In an article published Tuesday in Health Affairs, Tripathi wrote, “This year, providers, consumers, payers, public health practitioners, technology developers, academics, and other stakeholders will take the decade-long investment in health information technology to the next level.”

In the article, Tripathi points out that the 21st Century Cures Act’s core elements will go into effect in 2022, acting as crucial pushes toward clinical interoperability. For example, Tripathi emphasised the importance of continuing to implement and enforce the information blocking regulations, which will favour practises that do not obstruct electronic health information access, sharing, or usage. Tripathi said that the Cures Act and its accompanying final rule include elements that complement existing federal information-sharing policies, including as HIPAA.

They accomplish this by encompassing a larger number of healthcare entities, directing information sharing to authorised entities, and advancing information sharing to be more responsive to patient and clinician needs. Beginning October 6, all players – providers, accredited Health IT developers, and health information networks – will be required to share all electronic health information, not simply the data items defined in the US Core Data for Interoperability V1.

Tripathi also mentioned upcoming API standardisation, which he claims would make data sharing between certified electronic health record systems easier. The deadlines for developers to maintain a level playing field for information exchange and enable access to information through application APIs “without special effort” are April 1 and December 31.

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