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Healthcare Company GRAIL Acquired by San Diego’s Illumina

Illumina is a San Diego-based biotechnology firm that recently acquired GRAIL, a healthcare company. GRAIL provides early detection tools that can identify multiple caners. Despite the acquisition, Illumina will keep GRAIL as a separate entity during the European Commission’s regulatory review, which is currently going on.

Illumina is a biotech company incepted in 1998. The company’s expertise includes DNA sequencing.has been developing and manufacturing integrated systems used for analyzing genetic variations. The company had declared its intentions to takeover GRAIL last year itself. The new turn of events will see the two companies come together after splitting off four years ago.

GRAIL’s detection technology named Galleri blood tests showcase the ability to detect nearly 50 different types of cancers even before they are symptomatic. After the acquisition, Illumina plans on expanding GRAIL’s highly efficient detection tests. The company aims to elevate access to the tests broadcasting worldwide so that it is adopted globally.

As of now, the Galleri test is available for people. However, it costs $950 as it is not covered under any insurance thereby limiting its reach. The major challenge that will be overcome by the collaboration of the two companies will be the limited access and expensive nature of test. Illumina aims to provide the test to as many individuals, and at an affordable price.Since GRAIL has zero business in EU, the European Commission lacks the jurisdiction to review the merger, according to Illumina. Keeping GRAIL out of the proceedings, Illumina will abide by whatever the final decision is.

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