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Healthcare IT Executives Boosting the Prevalence and Power of Female

Women make up 80% of all Healthcare purchasing decisions and make up 65% of the Healthcare workforce in the United States. Despite this, just 25-30% of executives are female, with only 13% of CEOs being female. The data indicate a chronic dearth of female presence at the top tiers of Healthcare organisations, but improvements are afoot, backed by evidence that female leaders are beneficial to the bottom line.

“There is a human predisposition to gravitate toward people who are similar to oneself,” said Patrice R. Wolfe, CEO of AGS Health, who will speak at HIMSS21 next month about promoting women to leadership positions in Healthcare. Wolfe believes that being aware of this trend and actively seeking out opportunities for women will help to ensure that leadership is diverse.

There are several things that organisations can do to support and encourage female progress, including fostering a workplace atmosphere that encourages women to move to higher-level positions. The finest male leaders, according to Wolfe, encourage women to take risks and provide a safety net if they struggle, as well as capitalise on women’s abilities and look for opportunities to capitalise on them. Women have a strong social awareness and are adept at forming lasting bonds.

She also believes it’s critical for male executives to publicly recognise women’s contributions and accomplishments, as well as to assist women in securing a seat at the table so they can participate in meaningful, strategic business discussions. Organizations should also provide opportunities for women to develop their sense of leadership purpose, support women’s motivation to lead, provide opportunities for others to recognise and encourage their efforts, and expose women to critical business functions such as operations and finance. Create initiatives that expose women to senior leadership and allow them to demonstrate their problem-solving abilities.

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