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Healthcare Next to be taken up by Amazon

A venture capitalist applauded the upcoming opportunities for growth in the U.S. Healthcare market a few years ago when I was attending a tech conference geared toward an industry-friendly audience. This V.C., who primarily invested in biotechnology companies, was ecstatic at the prospect of personalized genetic mapping and other innovations allowing people to spend even more money on health care, including everything from customized nutritional supplements to advanced targeted cancer treatments.

As a result, people like him and the firms he invested in would reap huge profits, as health care would become as individualized and consumer-driven as online clothing shopping. Consumer choice and personalized vitamin packets with your name on them will not solve much in the American Healthcare system; fancy artificial intelligence diagnostic tools and online pharmacies will not tackle the fundamental problem of providing and getting treatment.

Despite this, Silicon Valley acts as if it is only a few innovations away from solving the problem of providing universal health care, which became stark and overpowering during the Covid-19 outbreak. Whether it believes its rhetoric or senses a new business opportunity, the tech industry shows no signs of slowing down in its pursuit of commercialized medicine. Amazon may soon open brick-and-mortar pharmacies, according to reports.

This follows years of speculation and unrest about the company’s Healthcare plans. Amazon is also preparing to launch Amazon Care, a public health care service that will include telemedicine and in-person care. For the past 18 months, Amazon employees have had access to this software.

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