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Hospital Resiliency Talks by US Health Secretary

As COVID-19 infection rates decline across the country, the president of the federal government’s health agency spoke to Jacksonville hospital employees on Friday about how to repair a health-care system that has been stretched by the epidemic for years. Xavier Becerra, Secretary of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, told UF Health Jacksonville employees, “We’re trying to have your back as much as we can.”

Before asking about the challenges faced by hospital employees — which included a scarcity of nurses and pharmacy technicians, as well as supply chain issues and widespread tiredness – Becerra complimented their perseverance during months of hardship. According to a spokesman for the Department of Health and Human Services, the University of Central Florida in Orlando has received nearly $1.5 million for resiliency training for health and public safety professionals. Despite the stress, hospital employees were proud of their efforts during the pandemic.

Becerra stopped at a COVID-19 testing location before going to the hospital to discuss with legislators and health care advocates about how to incorporate traditionally underrepresented people in the country’s health system. When President Joe Biden talked about raising immunisation rates, Becerra said, “he meant everyone in America,” including Black and Hispanic populations, who he noted had mostly bridged a vaccination gap with whites that existed when Biden began office.

Becerra is the country’s first Latino Secretary of Health and Human Services. He believes that working with Black health care practitioners and advocates is critical to safeguarding the country’s health. “It’ll be because you’re doing your job correctly that we can do our job right in this administration,” Becerra added.

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