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IME Medical Electrospinning Paves the Way for Fiber-Based Medical Scaffolds

IME Medical Electrospinning, a leading provider of fiber-based medical solutions, said today that ASTM International had released the first standard for fiber-based medical scaffolds, which it assisted in developing.Ramon Solberg, IME CTO, was a co-author of the standard, which will govern the design and production of fiber-based medical equipment to improve patient care.A group of industry leaders, including Medtronic, academic institutes, non-profit organizations, and governmental authorities, organized this session.

Following the consortium’s proposals, a workgroup was formed, with the assistance of the American NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), to draught an ASTM Standard, in which IME played a crucial role.To increase patient health and safety, this published standard now provides crucial guidelines for developing and manufacturing repeatable, high-quality nanofiber-based medical devices.

IME has been a leader in sophisticated technologies for the exact control and scalable manufacture of fiber-based medical scaffolds since its founding in 2008.Fiber and scaffold factors such as fiber diameter, thickness, and porosity must be optimized in order for these scaffolds to work properly. If environmental variables like humidity and temperature are not regulated, they can have a significant impact on scaffold characteristics, resulting in discrepancies in the final product.

According to the ASTM standard, full control of environmental conditions is a key component of recommendations for producing highly consistent fiber-based products with therapeutic efficacy and safety in mind.In fiber-based medical device solutions for membranes and implants in the human body, IME cutting-edge technology uses special polymers to generate micrometer and nano-scale copies of the natural human extracellular matrix.

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