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Immunai Hoists Funding to Enhance Drug Actuary Platform

During a Series B funding round, biotech firm Immunai successfully raised $215 million. The volume is raised to cater to the company’s goals of developing immune-first drug actuary platform. Technology focused venture capitalist firm, Koch Disruptive Technologies spearheaded the funding round. The Series B round also involved other participants including ICON, Talos VC, Alexandria Venture Investments, 8VC and Piedmont along with other earlier investors.

Immunai has sketched ambitious plans utilising the fundings acquired. The New York based biotech company envisions expanding its drug actuary platform with the help of the capital influx for achieving target validation and evaluation.

Noam Solomon, co-founder and CEO Immunai stated that has strived towards their fundamental goal of decoding the immune system. the team believes that it is extremely crucial to form the foundation for deriving answers associated with human health and disease. Solomon added that revealing the immune system will effectively catalyse the process of assessment and development of novel therapeutics and immune medicines. Scientifically highlighting the aim, Immunai is working towards agglomerating AI with top class single-cell genomic methods.

The recent fundings secured by Immunai are an additional push to the biotech player after the company took over Nebion.For the purpose of building the Annotated Multiomic Immune Cell Atlas (AMICA), Immunai has a suit of proprietary technologies. Additionally, the company has a vast network exceeding 25 academic partnerships. The atlas is an archive dedicated to clinically annotated single-cell immune data used for discovering novel targets.

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