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Implicity’s AI-powered ECG Analyzer for Implantable Loop Recorders has received FDA Approval

Implicity’s, a pioneer in remote patient monitoring and cardiac data management, announced today that a revolutionary medical algorithm that analyzes ECG data from ILR (Implantable Loop Recorders) has received FDA approval. The recently cleared ILR ECG Analyzer is an artificial intelligence-based technology that represents a milestone in the cardiology field.

As we develop in the US market, this is a crucial milestone for Implicity’s,” stated Dr. Arnaud Rosier, CEO and creator of Implicity’s. “Now that our AI product has received FDA approval, it may be used in conjunction with implanted loop recorders to enhance arrhythmia detection and save electrophysiologists and their teams’ time evaluating non-actionable events.”

Medical personnel that spend a large amount of time analyzing a high percentage of false-positive atrial fibrillation (aFib) detections are increasingly frustrated by the growing volume of data supplied by these remote monitoring devices.”Many episodes that are thought to be arrhythmias are actually not arrhythmias, resulting in a high positive rate. These false positives place a tremendous load on doctors who must filter through the noise and adjudicate anomalies that have been misclassified. The method used by Implicity’s greatly minimizes this effort “Dr. Arnaud Lazarus, an electrophysiologist at Clinique Ambroise Paré, explained the situation.

The ILR ECG Analyzer from Implicity’s adds AI to the cardiac rhythm data obtained by the Medtronic models. The digital medical gadget will be incorporated into cardiac remote monitoring platform to provide electrophysiology teams with a unique value proposition by adding extra signal processing and analysis to increase the accuracy of abnormal heartbeat identification.

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