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Innovative AI Tech Collaboration Launched by Several Healthcare Providers

Artificial intelligence academics and technology executives from Duke, Mayo Clinic, UC Berkeley, and others will launch their new Health AI Partnership at the virtual HIMSS Machine Learning & AI forHealthcare event on Tuesday afternoon. The Collaboration effort, which is designed as a “innovation and learning network” to assist enable safer and more successful AI software deployments, intends to address some major difficulties as implementations of these new algorithms, for both large and small use cases, speed across healthcare.

Experts will explain the new endeavour in the session Health AI Partnership: Creating Responsible and Effective AI Software. They’ll talk about how they plan to tame some of the current market’s “wild west” aspects, such as reducing hype-driven sales strategies for AI and machine learning products and arming health IT decision-makers with academic research and vetted guidelines to help them make sound investments in reliable technologies.

Those health systems – and, perhaps, others – wish to contribute to the development of an ecosystem of different stakeholders to better the acquisition and deployment of AI tools in healthcare provider settings. Researchers will work with stakeholders such as target users, regulators, legislators, payers, and others to establish an online curriculum to help educate IT leaders.

The adoption of AI and machine learning tools in healthcare has “far outpaced the maturation of the ecosystem to assure the safe, effective, and responsible use and spread of these technologies,” according to these experts. This new Collaboration, which is being hailed as the first of its type, aims to change that. The Health AI Partnership’s guidance and curriculum will be open source and available online.

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