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Innovative Telehealth Device Eases Virtual Visit

COVID-19 revolutionized the healthcare treatment approach and encouraged an environment of telemedicine by doctors, and patients. Patients have embraced the ease, and convenience brought in by telemedicine and consultancy offering remote connectivity in order to avoid any chances of contraction of infection after entering a medical facility.

Israeli start-up Nonagon, formerly known as MyHomeDoc, headquartered in Israel, and the United States is introducing a new Device to the telemedicine technology system which is the N9 nine-in-one home Device, giving rise to the company’s new name. the Device is capable of performing many of the diagnostic tests that a doctor conventionally conducts in person.

The new N9 portable Device consists of a stethoscope to examine lungs, heart, and bowel sounds. Next it consists of an otoscope used to examine internal part of ears, followed with the inclusion of an oximeter checking the pulse rate, and oxygen which was particularly important during the pandemic. The Device consists of a thermometer to record any fluctuations in body temperature, and uniquely utilizes the camera of a patient’s smartphone to aid throat and skin tests.

After the check-up, patients can send their test results to their physicians seeking for professional advice, it requires the physicians to have installed the Nonagon’s software. The data smoothly integrates into an existing physician, and HMO software.With the help of this portable Device and software, patients and doctors can communicate offline or in real-time or also in a ‘blend’ mode wherein the patient simply send the test data to the doctor who can review it offline and for further discussion can open an online session.

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