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Inspan will demonstrate their Newly Launched Devices for Spinal Fusion and Stenosis Therapy at NANS

At the NANS (North American Neuromodulation Society) meeting on January 13-15, 2022, Inspan LLC, a Boston-based medical device organization, is thrilled to declare the release of its innovative Inspan “Mini” technology, which is the size of a standard laptop as well as includes the outpatient techniques and newest instruments to perform decompression and lumbar Spinal Fusion surgeries more easily in ASCs (ambulatory surgery centers).

Inspan LLC is dedicated to resolving the complications of lumbar spine fusion and decompression surgery. Excessive equipment, a long and difficult sterilizing procedure, many processes during surgery, and high inventory and capital expenditures are among the field’s current issues. Furthermore, the introduction of spinal decompression and fusion techniques to pain management specialists is paving the way for lumbar spine surgery innovation.

For lumbar spine decompression and fusion procedures, Inspan has made major enhancements to our existing technology and created our next-generation equipment. Our team has simplified the process and technology to minimize the size of our kits to around an A4 Letter with the help of our orthopedic, neurosurgery, and pain experts (8x 11 in).”Because of the benefits, orthopedic, neurosurgery, and pain management physicians doing Spinal Fusion and decompression procedures are using Inspan as an outpatient treatment,” says Dr. Kingsley R Chin, Director of Inspan and board-certified orthopedic spine surgeon.

“Inspan Mini was created specifically for our doctors who treat their patients in ASCs. Furthermore, because of the large number of components in the instrumentation sets, it is one of the most efficient systems in terms of OR efficiency, inventory management, and cost “– explains Insapn LLC President and COO Dr. Deepak K. Pandey, Ph.D.

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