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J&J Covid-19 Vaccine to be Administered again in CVS Walgreens and other Pharmacies

This week, CVS and Walgreens will start offering Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 Vaccine. As health regulators looked at uncommon but severe cases of blood clots in women who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, they suggested a delay in giving the company’s one-dose vaccines. After an alert was introduced to help women determine whether they wanted the shot, the pause was lifted on Friday.

Officials announced that about 4,000 doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccines will be sent to Massachusetts this week. Because of the high demand for the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, Union Pharmacy in Newton Centre is now providing walk-in clinics. Dr. Xiaoyan Qin said, “People just say easy, get it done, and they’re ready to move on with their lives and see their grandparents.”

A woman drove for two hours to get the on-dose shot of Covid-19 Vaccine. Antoinette Brown said, “I feel safer just getting one shot. I don’t feel comfortable with the MRNA technology. I don’t know enough about it to feel safe about it.” At the walk-in clinic, the pharmacy is bracing for a line out the door. The pharmacy manager feels that the people are not hesitant on taking the vaccines.

People seem to be happy about the walk-in services by pharmacies. People have been nothing but thankful. Not long after the CDC lifted the pause, the state re-authorized the use of the vaccine on Friday night. Officials from the Department of Health and Human Services hope that the process will boost public confidence in the vaccine.

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