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Ketamine cures depression and suicidal thoughts

Studies reveal that the Ketamine solution helps in curing suicidal thoughts Studies shows that people who received the injections at three different private clinics have shown noteworthy improvement in the symptoms of anxiety and depression and also in the ideation of suicidal thoughts. This study is concluded in the Clinical Psychiatry Journal and shows that these Ketamine injections are helpful in treating the symptoms of these problems.

This study provides data of more real world which helps in the assessment of problems and providing accurate solutions to the ones in need. However, some scientists claim that this study has left some critical gaps behind. These gaps include the data of the effects of Ketamine as well as its comparison with other alternatives in the market, which makes it a little difficult to exact come to a conclusion.

Ketamine is considered as a strong medicine that is primarily used as anaesthetic in the hospitals. Some people use Ketamine as a drug as well as it creates high drug like sensation in the human body and has some dissociative effects on the mind. However, doctors do not recommend using this for curing depression and it is not even covered in the health insurance.

After putting it for a study, the response was similar to that of the oral medication. So, the only limitation this research had was that it wasn’t compared to other possible alternative medication available in the market and that the adverse effects of this medication were not covered. Also, this research is not done on a particular group of people but only through the personal observatory method

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