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Leeds is using Microsoft Azure to Shift their EHR to the Cloud

LTHT (Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust) has stated that its HER (electronic health records) would be moved to Microsoft Azure, a cloud-based system.PPM+ (Patient Pathway Manager Plus), an electronic patient record developed by Leeds’ in-house team, will be migrated to the cloud to provide improved care for patients and support for doctors.

“When I arrived at the trust in 2019, it had started undertaking digitization, but one of the main concerns for me was it wasn’t what I call enterprise size,” Paul Jones, chief digital information officer at LTHT, told Digital Health News exclusively.”You couldn’t see how our system would scale to large numbers, how it would be durable and resilient, or how we would handle hardware or system problems.”

“Our system was basically sitting on hardware that we purchased and maintain.” Everything’s just disproportionately expensive to put on multi-site strong, resilient infrastructure, and there’s no way we can make it work financially.”We began to consider our alternatives for ensuring that this technology, which is very critical to how the trust operates, remains safe and secure in the future.”

“The logical place for us to look was Microsoft Azure Cloud, and what we’ve been doing is progressively transferring sections of the electronic patient record up to the Azure Cloud.””We were able to transition pieces from our old premise to the Microsoft Azure Cloud without any of our users even realizing it.”Leeds’ transition to Microsoft Azure means the trust has a secure and robust system while also enabling 24/7 access to patient data and information, which is a crucial advantage.

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