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LewisGale’s First Robotic Bronchoscopy Application

LewisGale Medical Center in Virginia to the first participant to use the new Robotic bronchoscope. The new Robotic technology is designed to enhance the treatment and diagnostics for lung cancer patients.  Lung cancer is a dreadful disease and contributes to a majority of cancer-related deaths worldwide. Besides the complexity of cures associated with cancer, early symptoms of lung cancer are negligible, making it all the more difficult to diagnose, according to Nelson Greene, MD.

The introduction of new Robotic technology diminishes the challenges associated with detection and diagnosis. A Robotic bronchoscope offers advanced reach, vision, and control over bronchoscopic procedures. The technology will allow doctors to detect lung cancer in the early stage itself, thereby providing better and more effective treatment.

Using the Robotic bronchoscope in cancer assessment will drive doctors towards noticing the potentially cancerous lung nodules that are otherwise hard to detect. The technology can reach deeper into the lungs, including the periphery.

The integration of a new Robotic device is observed to be a significant step in LGMCs comprehensive Lung Cancer program. It is expected to expand the portfolio of innovative practices adopted by the medical facility. Harsukh Patolia, MD, Chief of staff LGMC said that robot-assisted surgery for cancer patients enables faster recovery.The American Lung Association has declared that the lung cancer survival rate is relatively lower than other cancer sites. In lung cancer patients, a five-year survival rate is 18.6% lower as only 16% of all the cancer cases are diagnosed in the early stage.

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