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McKesson’s New State of the Art Pharmaceutical Center

McKesson’s Corporation, Irving, Texas based pharmaceutical company has set up a new distribution center in Holt, Michigan. The new facility, seven miles south of Lansing will bring in an influx of over 80 full-time jobs to the region with additional day as well as night shifts.

The establishment of McKesson’s in the Lansing area is expected to be a fruitful opportunity amidst the shared interests of the corporation and the region to generate more jobs, said Senator Curtis Hertel. Welcoming the pharmaceutical company into Lansing, Hertel said that the region looks forward to have as a trusted community partner.

The 174,000 square feet facility sits on a 23 acres land strategically chosen to meet the pharmaceutical needs of the customers across the state. The new facility will be fully equipped with a range of latest technologies adding novel features to the distribution technology. The state-of-the-art automation will allow McKesson’s to optimize productivity, performance and overall efficiency. This will allow the distributor to effectively serve a spectrum of customers including community pharmacies, hospitals and national retail pharmacies.

As Lansing residents look forward to the opportunistic development of the pharmaceutical distribution facility, McKesson’s expresses excitement towards building a Holt team. Employees are the core of the distribution centers for McKesson’s, said Ammie McAsey, senior VP,.The establishment of the new facility will amplify accessibility and connectivity to life-saving medicines for the customers. It will ultimately help cater to the unmet needs of patients across the state.

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