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Medtronic to Take Down its HeartWare HVAD Device from Market

As per the trusted sources of information, in the previous week, when Medtronic put a stop to the production of its HeartWare Heart Ventricular Assist Device pump system.

The company effectively lost USD 1.1 billion on the acquisition of HeartWare International, as they have very little to show for it.Medtronic pulled out the system from the market on Thursday due to the rise in the series of the Class 1 recalls and several increasing reports of the injuries and fatal incidents of the patients.

This gives all the power to its competitor company Abbott Laboratories by putting an end to the product that has been creating problems to the company and the patients from the beginning of its launch.Medtronic’s CEO, Geoff Martha, stated in a virtual conference on Thursday that there are new reports generated from the analysis showcasing that the HeartWare HVAD has a higher risk of stroke and mortality than their product.

He further stated that the device is a better option for the patients. He also added that it is a huge decision to make, especially after considering the efforts, blood, and sweat put by them in this therapy over the last six years.However, he added that it is only the right decision that can be taken for the patients.As stated by the FDA, the company had been getting over 100 complaints regarding the failure or the delay of the HVAD pump to restart, along with deaths of 14 patients.

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