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Metallurgy Expertise Outsourced by Medical Device Manufacturers

In order for a Medical gadget to function properly, it must have the correct wire component. These components are often responsible for sensing, transmitting, and stimulating the human body, and they play a critical part in vascular treatment, biosensing, and neurostimulation applications. When creating and developing one of these goods, a lot of things must be considered, ranging from material selection and product form to surface treatment.

The study of metallurgy, which studies the physical behaviour of metals and mixed alloys, is critical in selecting the right materials for any particular application. Understanding the characteristics of materials allows for the selection of the safest and most effective metals and surface treatments. How do we find the right balance with a biocompatible material in terms of fatigue resistance, conductivity, and flexibility?

It’s difficult to get all of these factors quite right, and few manufacturers have the in-house skills and experience to choose the correct materials and configurations. Sandvik, an expert in alloys and steel, has been investing in metal component research and development since its founding in 1862. Sandvik’s development team collaborates closely with OEMs during the design, prototyping, and production processes to guarantee that the optimum component for the application is produced.

Sandvik has designed components for a variety of technologies, including cochlear implants, pacemaker leads, and deep brain stimulation, using more than 200 alloys and diverse polymer coatings. Sandvik’s Medical wire components are mostly made of common materials that have been altered for use in Medical wires. As the components are meant to survive, features like cyclic fatigue, as well as tensile strength, corrosion resistance, conductivity, and form stability, are high on the priority list, depending on the intended application.

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