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Microsoft and Teledoc Together to Provide Integrated Virtual Care

This week, Teladoc Health and Microsoft announced a partnership to provide virtual care integration for health systems and hospitals. Teladoc Solo platform will be available through Microsoft Teams, according to a press statement issued on Wednesday. According to the institutions, the agreement will streamline telehealth technology and administrative operations.

Joseph DeVivo, president of hospitals and health systems, said in an email, “The ability to access Teladoc Health Solo directly through Microsoft Teams will allow clinicians the opportunity to seamlessly transition between business and clinical operations, freeing them of administrative tasks and enabling them to practice at the top of their license.”

According to the groups, many hospitals and health plans have been forced to work remotely due to the COVID-19 outbreak, including delivering care via telemedicine. Teams were used by several of these systems to connect clinicians and patients via video. The businesses claim that by integrating Solo platform into Microsoft Teams, clinicians would access clinical data from their electronic health record system without leaving the Teams environment. According to reports, the functionality will be ready by next year.

For health systems, Microsoft and Teladoc Health will be a potent combo. This collaboration aims to take our synchronized strategies and make them a reality in healthcare’s last mile. After the COVID-19 public health emergency ends, the future of telehealth is uncertain, but it hasn’t stopped some companies from moving forward with virtual medical advances.Several major retailers, for example, have made significant investments in telehealth, with Marcus Osborne, senior vice president of Walmart Health, recently stating that it may be part of an “omni-channel” solution. As a result, providers will be able to step up their game and provide better care thanks to telemedicine.

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