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Music Is a Powerful Tool to Improve Mental Health

A new study shows listening, playing, and singing can play a significant role in Mental Health. While working out, listening to music can have a more significant impact on exercise or weight loss. A new study has shown that music can act as a preventive measure against heart disease. This new study about the role of music in our health was published in JAMA Network Open.

The researchers examined nearly 779 people. This is similar to people joining choir groups can help people recover from cancer. Many studies link music and mental wellbeing. The author of the new study said that there is increasing evidence that supports music to promote wellbeing and quality of life.

The 26 studies included in the new research used the 36 item short form survey on human health. The result of the study was compared to the other studies looking for the benefits of non-pharmaceutical and medical interventions on wellbeing. The Mental Health can boost from music is within a limited range

The study mainly focuses on how music plays a major role in lives. During the pandemic people had to stay and home and were not permitted to meet their friends and family. Due to this many people faced a lot of mental problems. Music helped people to cope with this depression.  The study will be an evidence for the doctors to prescribe music therapy. The authors of the study also added that the music interventions and doses for use in specific clinical and public health scenarios will need more research.

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