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New Client for Amazon is Hilton

As its second officially announced customer, Amazon Care will provide health services to Hilton. According to Reuters, starting next year, all Hilton employees in the United States who are engaged in a corporate health plan will have access to  app-based medical alternatives. At Reuters’ Total Health conference, Amazon Care Director Kristen Helton said the move is “a wonderful step forward for the business to show we can give care nationwide to their team members.” Earlier this year, Amazon Care announced that it would make its services available to employers in all 50 states.

But so far, only Precor, a fitness firm based in Washington, has openly contracted to deliver Amazon Care to its employees. As Reuters pointed out, this distinguishes the Hilton agreement in several ways. For one reason, Precor employs 800 people, although the service was initially only available to the 385 in Washington. On the other hand, Hilton employs around 141,000 people worldwide, and the program is open to all U.S. employees covered by corporate health plans.

Patients will be able to text chat with clinicians for free, while video visits will cost money, thanks to a contribution from Hilton. House calls will cost an undisclosed amount and will be available in Seattle and Washington-Baltimore. Helton, interestingly, also mentioned artificial intelligence as a possible factor.

The news coincided with the announcement by California’s attorney general that Amazon had reached an agreement with the state’s attorney general regarding its COVID-19 notification policies. According to the Associated Press, Google will pay a fine of $500,000 and monitor it by California regulators to ensure that it appropriately tells them about future cases.

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