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Orb Health Enhances Patient Access Care Management

The Texas-based Virtual Care company Orb Health facilitating patient access and virtual care management, which helps unlock care capacity for health systems, has announced a partnership with Redox, a leading industrial provider of advanced technology uniting patients and providers.

Redox is located in Maddison and offers industry-leading electronic health record (HER) integration technology solutions.With the help of the partnership, Orb Health has offered an electronic medical record (EMR) connected, artificial intelligence-driven intelligence layer that drastically enhances the platform’s inbound, proactive, and outbound service flexibility, scalability, and capabilities function in line with the provider customers.

According to Chad Jones, Chief Strategy Officer of Orb Health, the best way to achieve effective care management is to perceive the unique nature of an individual patient’s care condition and gradually manage the data in an intelligent way. Association with Redox provides an edge to intelligence layer enabling quick access to the EMR of providers and align the patient information for the company’s clinical agents. Health’s virtual contact center facilitates patients to instantaneously communicate with clinicians and administrators who are responsible for the coordination among all aspects of their care, providing a one-touch resolution.

Plus, Orb Health’s analytics layer probes into a patient’s medical records and health history, providing individualized insights for best assessing and satisfying patients’ needs following easy, smooth, and streamlined patient care. Owing to this, Health’s customers experienced a 54% decline in chronic patient utilization.

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