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PDS Biotech will be at the Benzinga Healthcare Conference

PDS Biotech Corporation, a clinical-stage immunotherapy firm developing innovative cancer therapeutics based on its proprietary Versamune® T-cell activating technology, announced today that its executives would attend the Benzinga Healthcare Small-Cap Conference. management will update the three PDS0101 Phase 2 clinical trials that are currently underway. The presentation will also include an update on the progress of two investigational pipeline drugs, PDS0102 (Versamune®-TARP) and PDS0103 (Versamune®-MUC1), through human clinical trials.

Dr. Frank Bedu-Addo, President and Chief Executive Officer of PDS Biotech, will join a panel of prominent cancer experts to explore the future of oncology following the presentation. From September 29 to 30, 2021, the conference will be held virtually. PDS Biotech is a clinical-stage immunotherapy firm building a pipeline of cancer immunotherapies using its patented Versamune® T-cell activating technology platform.

By producing vast quantities of high-quality, mighty polyfunctional tumor-specific CD4+ helper and CD8+ killer T-cells in vivo, our Versamune®-based medicines have shown the ability to overcome the limits of existing immunotherapy. PDS Biotech has created several medications based on Versamune® and disease-specific antigens that train the immune system to recognize sick cells and attack and destroy them more efficiently. Breast, colon, lung, prostate, and ovarian cancers are addressed by the firm’s pipeline medicines.

flagship candidate, PDS0101, combines the Versamune® platform’s usefulness with targeted antigens in HPV-expressing testing a combination of PDS0101 with KEYTRUDA® in Phase 2 research in recurrent or metastatic head and neck cancer. In addition, they collaborated with Merck & Co. PDS Biotech, the National Cancer Institute (NCI), and The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center on two different Phase 2 studies in advanced HPV-associated malignancies and locally advanced cervical cancer.

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