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Periscope Equity Invests in a Healthcare Cybersecurity Firm

Periscope Equity, Chicago based private equity firm, has announced today, August 17, that it is now an investor in CyberMaxx, LLC. Periscope Equity has lately been focused on investments in technology-driven business services. CyberMaxx aligns with Periscope investment interests. The company offers a broad portfolio of services to the healthcare industry.

These services are all applied in prevention, detection, and responding to cyberattacks.CyberMaxx was founded back in 2009 and is headquartered in Nashville. The company’s proprietary software, coupled with its vast expertise in healthcare, has so far protected highly regulated industries. It caters to the needs of industries that are demand cloud-based as well as on-premise security solutions.

As the healthcare industry largely stores highly personal healthcare data, it is more susceptible to cyberattacks and threats than other industries. The Healthcare sector is often the target for many hackers. CyberMaxx co-founder Thomas Lewis said that the investment is a great opportunity for the company allowing it to expand the innovative suite of services. Better protection against cybercriminals can be attained with extensive support from Periscope Equity. He adds that Periscope Equity’s experience with several healthcare and tech companies will be considerably helpful.

CyberMaxx’s range of software and services offer comprehensive coverage starting from network core to endpoint threat identification. Such an end-to-end system guarantees the security of customer’s data and infrastructure.With the help of the Event Management product and the company’s proprietary Security Information, it is able to offer around-the-clock detection services and response under the fully outsourced security offering.

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