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Prisym ID Acquired by Loftware

Loftware has acquired Prisym ID, a company that specialises in regulated content and label management solutions. According to a press release, Prisym ID focuses on clinical trials, medical device, and pharmaceutical labelling, and the acquisition is expected to expand enterprise labelling solution offerings for the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, as well as enhance Loftware end-to-end, cloud-based labelling platform with advanced clinical trial levelling and regulated content management capabilities.

The acquisition, according to Loftware, increases the company’s ability to fulfil labelling challenges and growing regulatory obligations, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. said it will give customers new levels of innovation to help allow compliance through accurate, validation-ready labelling solutions and regulated product content, building on Prisym ID’s industry emphasis. The acquisition will also aid with clinical trial labelling problems, whether in-house or through clinical research organisations (CRO) or clinical development and manufacturing businesses (CDMO).

This purchase brings together the best talent in the medical device and pharmaceutical labelling industries today, building on the experience of Loftware and Prism ID. Prisym ID is a pioneer in clinical trial labelling and provides solutions that are specifically designed to handle the complexities of this industry. Customers will be able to overcome the difficult challenges of clinical trial labelling, as well as complete trials more swiftly and efficiently.

With validation and compliance-ready labelling solutions, Loftware said the purchase will help medical device and pharmaceutical makers provide confidence and safety to patients. Customers will benefit from the expanded scale and investment, as well as continuing innovation and subject expertise, according to Loftware.

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