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Promising Journey Towards Cheaper Prosthetic hand

Alt-Bionics, during its promising entry back in late 2019, when the newly emerging stat-up competed at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) Tech Symposium introducing its robust potential. The start-up completed second to 3BM’s infrared paint-curing system, however, Alt achieved the number one position in capturing national as well as international headlines portraying the strength of a potential technology.

An article published on the University site identified, that the technology proposed by Alt offers a $700 worth Prosthetic hand which is a mere snippet of the commercial costs of Prosthetic available in the market. Most of the content covered by the write-up is primarily focused on the story-telling associated with the team’s journey beginning from idea formation to developing a marketable, and realistic product. Alt-Bionics team has been narrating product development all over social media. During a discussion with TechCrunch, Alt-Bionics CEO, and co-founder Ryan Saavedra shed light on the prevailing Prosthetic market and critical aspects of the start-up.

Saavedra explained the multiple possibilities that could potentially contribute to the currently prevailing expansive Prosthetic devices scenario including the role of manufacturers, Prosthetic and orthotic clinics, and lastly the impact of technology stagnation.

When asked about the project timeline, Saavedra shared that it is still in its infancy phase nearing approximately 42% completion. The current developments suggest that company’s device will enter the market in a year from the closing of the Alt’s seed round of financing. So far, the CEO stated that the company has raised $142,000 of the $200,000 goal expecting to close the continuing round by September.

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