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Prosit Sole Biotechnology Introduces First-In-Human Clinical Trial 

Prosit Sole Biotechnology is a biotechnology organization extensively conducting clinical trials in the U.S while maintaining the headquarter in Beijing, China.The company invested in new clinical trials for developing novel protein-based therapeutics, company spokespersons announced.

The initiation of PSP001 First-In-Human (FIH) phase I of the clinical trials commenced.It is the potent interferon lambda chimera injection perceived to be an innovative and long-acting therapeutic solution. Prosit Sole Biotechnology is heavily indulged in developing innovative therapeutics focused on encountering complex diseases. TheCore Platform: Protein Optimization Platform (P-POP) is a patented protein chimeric platform possessed by the Biotechnology Company, enabling protein designing.

Interferons (IFNs) are the agglomeration of signaling proteins released by host cells interacting with the viruses present. Type III interferons also addressed as the interferon lambda’s (IFNA’s) is composed as a new member of the interferon family. The unique receptor of lambda interferon is found in observed to be abundant at surfaces of the body, providing a barrier including the gastrointestinal tracts, liver, and respiratory tracts. Non-superfluous to type I interferons, interferon lambda manifests distinctive antiviral and immune-modulatory activities.

Prosit Sole Biotechnology is invested in the development of PSP001 introducing a novel treatment for the chronic norovirus enteritis in patients receiving hematopoietic and solid organ transplants. As Hongyu Liu, CEO of Prosit Sole Biotechnology, stated in one of the addresses that the chronic norovirus enteritis is highly susceptible in immunocompromised patients and is posing urgent attention due to superficial medical needs and also acknowledges that there are no approved therapies for the uncontrolled disease. Prosit Sole Biotech Company is intently developing PSP001 in cases of Chronic Hepatitis B.

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